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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Memories of Waffles Past

Everyone has food issues. Some texture, some allergies, some "other".
I have a lovely batch of them. Yet, I really do enjoy cooking, baking, etc.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in November, 2009.
Now, my mother is occasionally showing signs of discomfort with wheat. She suspects my father of having them, as he always got sick when he ate wheat.

I don't remember much of this with clarity, but I remember when I was at the Montessori School, and our teachers decided to give us homemade waffles. I don't remember the day--- I probably played with Peter, an autistic child, in the sandbox again, as I did it quite often. I also know we probably trooped down to go for a swim. But I remember waffles, and what must have been a typical day. Then I remember Mom and her 1983 Ford truck... which I recall fondly... and a trip, heavens knows where, after school. I was beginning to feel sick and panicky and must have made some gestures that I wasn't quite right. Suddenly, I was sitting, covered in the mess of the waffles I'd had hours before. Knowing Mom as I do, even on that day in 1986, I am certain she went beserk.

In 2011, we have more incidents than ever before. What has society been telling us about eating healthy? Much of what I'd been told, in efforts to get me healthy has been wrong. Now I have to get myself together, and I daresay, many medical professionals I've had the honor of knowing, should perhaps put themselves to better use with their hands up a cat's behind. I am healthier now. Now, I need to build my immunity and get my vitamin levels up. Hopefully, we won't need shots anymore.

As for me, I'm going to continue to fight for health.


  1. I  support this. Your health. I'd sacrifice 5 of the worthless schmucks' health that I encounter in my typical day to day [including mine, lol. Just as worthless usually] to benefit yours. Nice folks are truly rare. Schmucks, now.... We are legion.

  2. thanks Mike. I always figure we all have a schmuckish streak... mine is usually applied to myself in favor of getting rid of chaos. :) Schmucks, and life... happen :)