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Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm going to throw the gauntlet. In this world, so many things can go wrong, all at once. It's a shame that we really only remember both gratitude and "Good will towards all men" once a year, if that. But: first I will challenge myself, and then if you choose to accept it, I challenge you to come up with things YOU are grateful for.

1)When I think about it, I am still the healthiest I've ever been.
2)My family and my friends: I don't know what I'd do without you!
3)A somewhat mild, and beautiful November, weird weather and leaves that seemed to fall way too soon, be darned.
4)Johnson's Baby Vapor Bath... oh, God, it really is a miracle
5)Patience when I've been a huge mess, and help when needed and I remember to accept it.
6)The capability to remember all sorts of information as clearly as a photograph.
7)BOOKS! I love them! :)
8)My celiac diagnosis, without which, I'd still be eating things that were actually poisoning me, all for health.
9)Food... Pamela's Double Chocolate Chocolate Chunk cookie, especially. That's a lot of cocoa, and it's hard to believe that they're dairy free as well as gluten free
10)My own natural stubbornness, without which, I would not be alive today. After seeing a billboard saying, in large letters:  "Being stubborn kills", I had to smile grimly. Not always!
11)People who have been there, no matter what, no matter how stubborn or what a mess I was
12)the new attitude: Sometimes, you have to remember to rest, and if it's too much, walk away, take a breather.
13)YOU. Yeah, you. You know who you are!
14)Caffeine! For comfort, for warmth, for a kick when I need it
15)Those who cared enough to give me a gentle kick in the butt when I needed it.
16)For those I may not talk to anymore, but recall with fondness and not an ounce of rancor.
17)For those I kept.
18)For tough times, because sometimes, it is how we grow
19)For growth
20)For those I call my special blessings.
I am a blessed, and grateful little goofball.

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