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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Warning! The following is rather disturbing. 

This is a recording made over 100 years ago by Thomas Edison. It records the last surviving castrato (at that time) singing Ave Maria. Historically, it is a thing of value. On the ear, it may grate. (I can't hear some of it) the slight sobbing sound in the voice was taught at the time.

Now, a basic rundown on castrati:
Let's say you're a poor family. You have a son with a gorgeous voice. Now, before the testicles drop and testosterone allows the voice to deepen, you take Junior to the doctor...and lop 'em off!

Castrati were given heroic roles. They also, despite lack of testosterone, were known to be great lovers.
Castrati tended to have longer limbs and ribcages, which aided in their vocal power.

At the time of this recording, Alessandro Moreschi was older... and his voice had, in time lost some power. But on a historic level, this is quite the find.

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