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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Advent is here... it's become the "Pop open a paper window"---and then? Nothing.  But with some, you could get awarded with chocolate. I decided...use it as it's supposed to be...this is waiting and prep time. Let myself be silent, and do my prayers, and...well, wait. I can joke that I got a chocolate marzipan Baby Judas today... sure... but now's not the time!

Did I get any answers in the quiet? Hmm... could be. "Be patient. You're ok, Be still..." echoed roundly in my head after a few prayers.

Sadness? It is what  it is. I'm not breaking. There's joy afoot!

As for now, the quiet includes a little music... I needed a break from the same old, same old... having heard "The Little Drummer Boy" 15 times in the space of an hour (our radio station needs to really work on that)- which I should not listen to, unless I am in a room without sharp objects and heavily caffeinated.

3 more Sundays after this one! Yes, I get so excited around this time of year.

Last year, there was a huge miracle... the Marvelous Nephew was falling through the cracks... a smart kid in a lousy school district, where his race became a huge issue. Then... the charter school called at just the right time, just after I said "I have that feeling things will get better". And... well, the phone began to ring off the hook! :) I can't take credit... I know that is one awesome kid, full of life, sweetness and fight, and unbroken even if he has seen so much pain, even if he lives on an even stricter GF regimen than I do... leaving many childhood favorites in the "Forbidden!" category. He got what he needed, with his and his mama's fight, and their faith.