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Friday, December 9, 2011

Snow Plows Roaming In The Night

Sometimes, we have to deal with people who don't get immune to living for about 6 months of the year with snow--- in my case... partially under it. (A garden apartment is the polite phrase for buried partially beneath ground.)

After a while, we not only can lose patience and regale them with tales of doom, cold, snow and gore, but break out obscure technical terms:

Q:How do you defrost a windshield?
A:There should be a button in your car next to "Heat" (Or, with some "The red button") and air conditioning (The "blue button") It should have a little square on it with little lines. This is the defrost button. Click it, click it good. Now, wait

Q: How you get ice and snow off a windshield?
A:There's this thingamabobber with a handle. It has a scrapey thingy on on end... use it. The bigger end is a brush. In times of despair, a credit card works just as well.

Penguins live at the zoo.

Actually, the worst winter storm I weathered consisted of sand and ice. Painful!

As for other bizarre technical terms:
1)Thingy: general purpose, see also: "specific item"
2)Thingamabobber: No one knows what it is, exactly, but you need it
3)Whoozie-what's-it: Heavens to betsy! Not the whoozie-what's-it!

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