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Saturday, December 17, 2011


"Shahmaty" was a Russian term for chess... literally, "The shah (king) is dead"

Oh, weak and stupid king
Black hat hung rakishly upon your brow
Sweet queen sacrificed
As you make your orders
And send your knights forward

A pawn to replace your precious queen
As you shuffle impotently on legs swollen by your excess
You send your poor befuddled bishops
To avenge your precious queen
While all you can do is waddle back and forth
Shouting invectives in rage
Your face purpling, fat lips quivering

Your jowls shake
and your pug nose turns up in scorn
As your peons press close
Meeting their deaths with heads clouded by misplaced loyalty and false words of piety
With open arms, and at last, as death finally takes its' prize, the young faces betray their knowledge that they died for nothing

Louder, louder, you shout
More impotence, more angry words that have lost meaning
Innocence is lost
First you crush them
And use them as shields
Until finally
you go to your flaming hell,
The King is dead, let no one proclaim "Long live the king".


  1. This was wonderful!!!! I absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. thank YOU :)