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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blessed Christmas Hopes, Wishes & Early Resolutions

Have a blessed Christmas.
For pagan friends, I'm not forgetting you... after all, you are the originators of a day to celebrate light at the darkest time of year, the mistletoe (never mind that in old Germanic languages, romance under something that translates into "poop on a stick" seems a bit odd. :-p ! ) trees, candles...thank you!
May your yule, your Christmas, your Hanukkah, all be blessed. Your Kwanza and Eid as well!

It gets so dark... may those struggling, find joy and peace.

Seems odd to do so now, but I think it's time to think of promises to self... not "I will eat less, I will go to the gym, I'll go to Mass more..." --- this has plagued me forever, and it's time to say it... I must learn to say no... I do not need to worry about a smack for doing so anymore. I must learn to ask for help and say when something bugs me. I must learn to accept help with grace. I need to go past pride and eventually learn to lean when I need it. So there's my Resolution. I always give myself the tough ones.

I think this is one of the few Christmas wishes that involves the word "Poop"... heh... ignore that.

Have a bright and blessed season. Love yourself. Care for yourself. And with family drama running amok (sadly, Christmas drama seems to be a norm. :-( But around now, it IS dressed in pretty lights and tinsel! )

Be blessed.


  1. Well put!! And my same Holiday Wishes to you. May your words continue to grace my life in 2012.

  2. Merry Christmas, Mike!