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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peace On Earth, Goodwill to All Mankind ...

I never wanted to say this... the whole "Love, joy, peace on earth, good will towards all mankind" thing gets a bit harder to do sometimes.

I've been angry... I don't like being angry, it's not a feeling that I can handle. It's almost like swallowing a molten stone.

Along with Christmas cards, I had to send out a sympathy card... my father's younger sister went in a car crash one day... a woman who started out teaching, and ended up being a dog breeder, who became a mother to her husband's brood in lieu of her of her own... funny, loud... opinionated, but sweet. We had no idea what had happened until it was too late to fly over Lake Erie to get to her funeral. So no closure. Not yet.

The weather is nuts... the change between "warm" to snowy, to warm again is enough to make the legs twitch unbearably.

I've been either extremely vague or let things out badly, while holding in more. I am trying my very damnedest to avoid accidentally sounding mean, condescending, or snotty... all of which I'd hate to be.

But... damn it... it is the season of joy. The time where just once, it's time to make things a wee bit more happy, to show those you adore that they really are blessings to you, and not just "Oh, here, here's a Santa mug and a pound of coffee, enjoy!" recipients. Ew... that is so beneath anyone.
I love Christmas. I've seen miracles... just last year, I saw a gorgeous little angel saved from falling through the cracks of a school system that could not teach him, could not help him. And he still has a light in those big brown eyes, despite everything. Why not take an example from him? His way of showing love is simple, honest, sweet... He gazes at you, smiles a big grin, offers his protection (oh so cutely, he always has been the "Man" of the house.), lets you know when you're doing something dangerous. His energy and his big bearhugs (His nose is about dead center with my chest now--- with a 5'11" mother, I have a feeling, I'll be looking up at him before too long.)

So why focus on the darkness? It's eating cookies fresh from the oven, (Don't let molten chocolate chips burn your tongue, trust me!) with icy cold milk or a hot drink, it's showing your blessings that they truly are your blessings. It is a season of the simple, sweet joys.
Merry Christmas, to all ...


  1. Take your bullshit & peddle it elsewhere. All you're doing is finding a new way to preach. Seriously, this helps your cause? It makes you appear to be a self rihteous cocksucker. Merry Christmas, asshole!

  2. Very true indeed. Keep the spirit and then launch 2012 holding the same. Merry Christmas from Mike