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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Resolutions

It's that time. I know where I am. I know where I want to go. And now, it's time to improve.

1)I will NOT vaguebook. If I do need to say something, I'll be straight to the point.
2)No more going after those little pet-peeves life throws at me with the "Letters to Entities Unlikely To Read Them".
3)I will say no with confidence.
4)I will not be ashamed for things I did not do. Nor will I be ashamed for what others have done.
5)I will stand for myself if need be.
6)If it's needed, I might not ask for help...as that's something I have the hardest time with, but will try to accept it better.
7)If someone is hurting, I'll be there. Period.
8)I will work on being tougher.
9)I will NOT give up trying to make the world brighter.
10) I will find and enter a nutrition program.
11) I will not let people be afraid.
12)I will not be afraid.

And now, to see what I can check off.

glitter-graphics.com Have a blessed and beautiful New Year. Here's to new things, to enjoying those who we never want to or could replace, and of course, to health, to good food, and to growth. God bless!

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