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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Babies!

The babies are growing up!

Sierra Anne-Marie is 7 now (as of April 18th). She is a funny, plucky kid, who enjoys the California sunshine, Hello Kitty, Disney Princesses, her pets, her parents, and is extremely whip-smart. She is also very gorgeous, and I don't say that just because people say we look alike (Especially when we pout, was occasionally added.) I am glad to finally know of her and welcome her to our family, along with her mother Renee, and her brother and sisters.
Happy Birthday, Sierra!

Lorelei at 3 mos old, September 2006, puckering up for Mama.
Lorelei's first smile
Little Miss Lorelei Sarah, my precious, who has fought and fought and fought, and through it all, remains a very strong and feisty girl, and of course, absolutely gorgeous. She likes yellow, kitties, Dora, school, coloring, reading, and birds. She has made me cry, laugh, and wonder at the strength of one teeny little person. From a 4lb 7oz girl the size of a Cornish game hen, to the feisty five-year old she is now. She is 5 on May 16th.
Happy Birthday, to My Sweet Little Lori-Pie
One of our very first meetings

And of course, a special little guy named Connor Matthew, who is 7 on May 27th.
Connor has fought, against illnesses and food allergies, and against prejudice. And he remains funny, smart, and marvelous, of course, it runs in our crazy, crazy family! And congratulations, my funny smart nephew, for making the merit roll at your new school! Yay! 

Connor Matthew, goofing around with his puppy, Oscar.
I didn't mean to teach him that habit. Oops!

Connor Matthew & Aunt Beth