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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter, Zombie Bunnies, and the Dalai Lama

It's Holy Week... I kind of did a poem (or maybe not) on the tale we all know.

Sunday, we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave. We also celebrate an ancient pagan ritual. *GASP!* Ah, yes, it's true.
We celebrate the spring, a time of fertility (herein comes our fecund rabbits! Oops. Bad pun NOT intended!) Many will go to church, for perhaps the first time since Christmas. We call that a C&E Christian.
We will sit through services, "He is risen, He is risen", "The women went to the tomb (with embalming ingredients, at that) and found it empty- and despite everything they'd been told, were shocked! (Although, it is rather difficult for a human to understand someone actually defeating death, but Lazarus had been raised in their lifetime, what made them think that someone, whom a woman, with a "bleeding issue" for 12 years had touched and healed at that casual contact, or who had healed lepers, could not do the same as Lazarus, who had begun to exibit a condition after his death of "He has been dead for 3 days, he stinkith", who had removed 10,000 demons from Legion...could not also rise again? Oh ye's of little faith!) -I wonder, if at least once, after seeing a shocked look (although, as humans, we might too be weirded out seeing someone killed violently walking about)- He thought, "Hey, I TOLD you I'd be back. Haven't you seen enough to know I could manage it?"

And how else do we celebrate? Eggs. From the pagan roots. (FERTILITY!) Chocolate. Chocolate rabbits. Jelly beans which look like small birds' eggs. Family feasts.

You know what? How about honoring our deity, and meaning it? How about "giving birth" to honor, love & acceptance? And oh, how about a zombie chocolate bunny, just for fun? I mean the little guy (top)  is kind of cute.

To close: Just remember this: It is not religion. It is faith.
Developing love and compassion and reducing anger and spite is a universal activity which requires no faith in any religion whatsoever.- the Dalai Lama

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