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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Dad & I, (funky hat courtesy of Grandpa) on my first Christmas.

Dear Gentle Giant,
It's come around again... the anniversary of the day your strong, gentle spirit left this world. In 16 years, there have been many, changes.  I'm 28 now, Batyushka. I've had a child of my own...your grand daughter, Lorelei Sarah. Eyes of brilliant blue, a lot of beauty, inside and out, and a strong, spunky spirit to match. She has survived much. We never did know the word "Quit", did we?

You taught me to never ever believe the word "can't"--- "You can't do this, you're too sickly, or whatever"... I was taught, if not in those exact words, to say "Screw you! Yes, I can!" And I will live that, and teach that.

I still have that darned stuffed skunk you made me years ago... new stitching, new stuffing, and she has gone through a lot of wear and tear, but Flower is still with me, one of the tangible parts of you, that I still have. Numerous times, I had to leave her, or had the threat of disposal over my head... I still hold her dear :) 

here we are, almost 3 decades later :)

You taught me to love music, even when difficult to hear, to feel it. From Peter Paul & Mary... you taught me to love Puff, the Magic Dragon. Your Jackie Paper isn't giving up the simple things!This was my nighty- night. Good Morning, Starshine was how you greeted me, with the look that said I was beautiful, even appearing at the breakfast table to almost sleep in my cornflakes, my braids or ponytails askew, wearing old sweats or one of your shirts that due to your height and build, still hang almost to my knees, but hung to my ankles as a child.

Goodnight, Batyushka. Ya ochen tebya lubloo. 

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