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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone...

I finally got my happy butt to an optometrist. It was a good thing...the last time I had been checked, my vision was 20/80... this time around, 20/200, with, as I already knew, my near-sighted eye also being astigmatic. (With any medical procedure, I've come to accept that my body is built backwards, or upside down, or that something will confuse my doctors. My closest friends call me a freak of nature.) I usually wear contacts, but here and there, I use my emergency glasses (A habit so little practiced, that people are surprised I wear glasses.) I like the new ones, and needed to rest... (plus, it was time to change out the contacts... so, I'll let the eyes breathe until I'm ready to doze.) I did have to ask a friend who wears glasses all the time: "Are things supposed to look this weird?" Answer: it's normal when you don't often wear glasses.
Since I had so many  people who (A) vaguely remember my Coke bottle glasses as a gawky child (All elbows, knees, and gigantic glasses... lovely! ---photos are hidden or I gazed blindly at cameras. Vanity, vanity!  I usually completed said look with ill fitting clothes and pigtails.) or my Buddy Holly frames when I went off for my freshman year at Cobleskill... and remember me playing with contacts until finally, I got Acuvues-- which don't irritate as so many others do. Sure, each eye is a separate prescription, but I'm not surprised... Another step in the improvement plan. Also, the glasses best called Birth Control Glasses? If you should come across a photo of me in them, you are one lucky sucker. I actually kept the frames after use... but frankly, would not have worn them if I had not had to.
what might be the only photo of me in glasses:

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