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Monday, May 21, 2012

At the Edge of the Cliff...

We all have that looking from the top of a cliff getting ready to jump phase to deal with. Where have I been? What do I want? Who needs to go, who needs to be kept?

Dear Beth,
We haven't really looked each other in the eye lately, but I think we've passed and said hi here and there. Hey, listen... you have work to do... lots of it. More questions than answers, and things you're finally facing. There's things to let go of, too. And things you damn well better never let go.
Sure, you've loved, and lost, and still, somewhere, hold love for someone you've let go... "I can't be in your life, but I hope it's blessed, and fabulous. I pray you find peace, and what you're looking for. But I know, I have to go my way too." And that hurt. Like hell. That was a lot to take in, and way too much to bear all at once. But it needed to be said.
It's ok to show emotion, here and there... those who truly care will understand... we all break sometimes. And we all can use bearing up. There are those things you can't talk about, yet, and those you're trying to leave behind, so you can face the sunrise tomorrow, and the uncertainty. Remember that we aren't given a spirit of fear... and we can overcome it. Hold close to those who've been there, without judgment, and help them too. We all have a battle, be genuinely kind, be a joy, for those who have brought you joy. Don't beat yourself up over the past... let the emotional scars fade, and the physical ones heal...although the itching is hell and it's hard to reach. Keep working on your projects. In time, you'll surprise yourself. Remember to love the sweet and simple things, and the sweet and simple people. Those you can watch films with, in the quiet, those who you've let yourself be silly and actually smile in front of, with no shame. Rebel a bit... don't let fear push you to surviving rather than living.
More simply, look at the past, and remember to laugh. Heartily.

  • You can't save them all. And seriously...red hair is not for you. Never let your mother talk you into a short cut, and if you feel wrong about something, or you feel more like you have to, then that it's marvelous, and it makes you feel bad rather than lifting you up, it's not for you. Walk away. If you know in every part of you that it feels bad, it usually is.

Take time for you, and never feel guilty that you did so. Don't survive... LIVE! 
Love, Me.

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