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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some Guy Named George...He Was In a Band In the 60's

Family can be tough, but sometimes there's no shortage of funny stories.

From Grandma and her love for a pair of vintage moccasins (Vintage to US, that is) and her way of telling off truck drivers, her snappy little comments, and her tendency to tell me off for being cheap--- We'll just say her nickname for that would have me in trouble with a lot of people!

To the occasional scratch your head tale...

When one older cousin of mine was in college, she went as an exchange student in England. She has a love for horses. She lived next to this house with a big fence and could look over it on horseback to a man with vaguely hippish looks and long hair. Apparently, her neighbor's name was George, and he was a very nice man. Being told his name, she called her mother... "Mom, apparently he was in a band in the 1960's... his name is George Harrison. What band was it?" My poor aunt almost had a heart attack.


  1. How funny! Yeah I guess it's safe to say George was in a band in the 1960's. How cool for George to not be recognized. I suppose at some point the famous reach an age where younger generations simply don't know who they were.

  2. I almost spit out my wine at dinner... that was the best tale I'd ever been told. With parents born in the lat 30s and early 40s (my cousin) and with mine born in the mid-40's, I never thought we'd have issues knowing who a Beatle was! :)

  3. On the other hand, kids are swooning to pop stars I never heard of...  

  4. I find myself saying "who?" More often. I need to stick with what works for me. Bring on the "oldies"!