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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Greetings From the Gluten-Free Masturbaters

Packages are always fun to find in the mail...particularly if you end up with something lovely and may have to guess where it came from.

Today, wandering by the box where the packages larger than the little apartment letter boxes can hold are put, I spied an odd package. From the angle and because I'd eyeballed it from the corner of my eye, I had a moment where I read "From the Gluten-Free Masturbaters"... and almost choked.
1) That's quite a niche. 1 in 133 with celiac, with a bready-looking vibe? Is this a sick joke?
2)How is that not in plain brown paper packaging?

Turns out, I may be slightly warped and thinking like a 12 year old boy- complete with a Beavis and Butthead chuckle.

Take a look from the corner of your eye. Makes that whole "Orgy Wonderland" thing really pop. ;-)
It actually read: "A gift from the Gluten-free Master Bakers"... heh... and contained a package (heavily vacuum sealed, my food doesn't contain a lot of preservatives) of my favorite multi-use Ciabatta rolls. Oopsie. To blush, giggle and have a face-palming moment of realization at the mailbox is a little sad.

These are freakin' awesome. So I'm really grateful, whoever you are, for the sampler package. Yes, the package emblazoned with an oven motif should have been a clue, but yeah... I'm apparently in a Freudian "genital" stage right now. Your mama!

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