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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Little Bugbears, Snug as a Bug In a Rug, Bears...

Socrates  called the opinions of the many "Lamiae"... a bugbear, or boogie-man, used to frighten little children. (Ancient cultures had this thing for scaring their youngest members into behaving... I have seen ancient folktales out of Germany where a mother says to a misbehaving toddler, "Child, the wolf is outside the door, if you don't behave, I'll let him eat you.")

Bugbears almost sound adorable--- like a very little bear about the size of a large beetle, with a tiny, sweet roar like a seashell. (I absolutely refuse to think of the alternative, I am itchy already, thinking of mosquitoes I had the pleasure of meeting down south, which, had to be the result of untoward mingling of genes with bull frogs, which, due to their gigantic, unnatural size, had not a buzz but almost a diffused, airy croaking sound.)

But bugbears were in fact, beautiful demons with "tells" of sorts. You can see "bugbear" in all its' unself-possessing cuteness and replace it with bogey, as in "bogey-man". That specter that comes out of the night to make an unholy bumping.

Two men in a farce about the underworld, examine a "bugbear", Mormo closely... she is quadrupedal, with large, floppy ears (which, if using the very small bears analogy, kind of sounds adorable), but with a face that changes---a bull, a mule, a pretty girl, a dog, with a leg of brass, and another of dung.

These beautiful demons were known for seducing men, for sucking blood, for carrying off and murdering children. I imagine not many households hosted a brat for long!

But let's get back to making this bogey not a terrifying, blood-thirsty, lustful creature, but a sweet little bear you could probably keep as a pet... (offer him bits of stew meat, I suppose?) It is within us, as creatures of choice, to hear the nasty things said, and rather than let it hurt, to cause us to wonder, to say and truly believe, "This cannot affect me, I am better than this. I'm letting it go." And then, these large, nasty demons, these unnaturally sized mosquitos, simply become a sweet, cute little bear, which would be about as cute as a bug's ear.
There, now. That's not so terrifying, now, is it?


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