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Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Angels

This morning, I awoke shivering...and it was dark. Oh, all-electric apartments are fun in long power outages! To top it off, it'd begun snowing in the witching hour, so it sure was awful when I grabbed a flashlight and went to investigate... oh, the winds are frightful and the snow comes in drifts (but it warms up again and we'll see mud and melt..ewww) after the weekend. Not bad for January in Bfflo, though.

I promised my little niece I'd get a photo of me in snow, since it was out there, I grabbed my favorite hat, grabbed a coffee, and off I went. And here it is. I think she wanted me sitting in it, but hey, it's high enough and I went outside in my pajamas and bearpaws under that pea jacket!

And here's one of yesterday's breakfast cookies. Yes, bigger than my hand. Yummy. :-)

It's very pretty... I suppose I should go out and play like a little child.
The clouds will make a daisy chain...


  1. I hope you did go outside and play like a little child! When my boys were small and leaves would begin to fall in the yard in autumn (precious few in Florida) I would soon join them in romping in them. It's good for the soul. What are bear paws? 

  2. A suede boot sort of like uggs. I also have a moccasin, really comfortable!