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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Risk Taking, aka Giving Mama a Heart Attack

This year, I'll be taking a few risks...

I've always been fond of answering "You can't do that!" with a smile and, depending on the person, a variant of "Screw you! Yes, I can!"

So, since I found it, and because I feel the need to tackle a few fears, I'm going to suit up, pop on a helmet and harness (And ensure someone's nearby with my camera, lest we forget) and do some rock climbing. Sure, the homemade harness and bad belayer ended up getting me in trouble the last time... you can fall in mid-air. It's also not at all pleasant. I bounced up, down and up again in a jerky motion... (It's a human yo-yo!) and in my ears came this horrifying, sickening crack. On the ground I was wobbly, but thought, yeah, I hurt, gotta shake it off... I've never been good at asking for help. So I tried to walk on a broken pelvis. After a while, I couldn't get back up and was forced to get medical help (forcing me to get help is iffy territory.)

Mentioning rock climbing to my mother got a result I expected. "But you're not very strong, and you're just getting things back! Your health sucks. Why do that to yourself?" Remember the times I came in bruised after I finally figured out my bike and rollerblades? The pain from physical therapy? The times my voice became a rasp after speech therapy and my throat hurt? (Turns out part of that was swelling tonsils and adenoids.)  "If the horse throws you, you've got to get back on". Well, I'm getting back on that pony. And I'll try to have a nice photo for you.

In other news, may be a step closer to my car and a little more freedom.

I've got wild stallions to tame. :) Watch out!

As for my health, it is what it is. I have to get used to it, but that doesn't mean I won't try to out-stubborn it.


  1. Living life is living with risk.  Get out there and enjoy it, just be sensible of course.  After all, neither of us are ready to climb Mt. Everest.  Yet!

  2. Maybe next year, Richard :)
    I heard a wise person say "You can die in your own bed, or you can do something, live as well as you can, and help others. And die doing something you enjoy". And that's what this year is going to teach me!