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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Portion Control and Whipped Chocolate

Serving sizes never fail to shock me. Over time, I've picked up on portion control, etc... all of which I pay really no attention to, except when "reasonable" no longer looks reasonable.

This is the size of a good cut of meat according to most nutrition guides I've seen:

This is a "reasonable" portion that makes even me, the red-meat lover, go insane with "No... that... oh, my God, no"

This is an American small (except at Wendy's where I think it passes as a kids' size)
In Europe, THIS is a medium.
not such a delight. Chalky, and you're paying for air. Just buy a bag of regular Hershey's Kisses. Or have someone sneak you European chocolate from a duty free. 
Now that I'm in a snotty mood... those ads for the bubbly, air-whipped chocolate, made which is chalky compared to the air-whipped chocolate I had in Stockholm---it's been done for years. And Hershey's doesn't have the idea. Don't do it.

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