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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Insane Family

Dear Insane Family,
I don't give a flying fig about who's doing drugs, who is stealing what, who is responsible for breaking up marriages, who is doing this that or the other thing. While I am willing to help, and have been attempting to hold you all together, while a life comes down to the $, I'm sorry... don't tell me what I feel, don't, whatever. It's hard to feel alone while I'm attempting to grieve 50,000 things and have to know about every fuck up. I don't bloody well care about the "First Granddaughter's Pearls" and would gladly give them up (I have no clue how to care or restring them) if that causes an issue. Mom, quit giving up things just because you're pressured. Make sure you get paid fairly if you give up the house. My uncle's relationship is not my business. I'll be polite to his girlfriend, sure. But I don't need to know about how she's a golddigger. I don't need to know how my cousin is harassing her. People aren't getting some of what they deserve. It's wrong. I'm cracking, and where is someone to say "Hey, it's ok"? People: KNOCK IT OFF. Family sticks together. If not, the children suffer, and we are all having to look on and suffer in silence. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? DON'T TELL ME WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND.  People are using pain to control. And it's hurting.

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