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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crockpot Chicken Soup

This will likely end up being a recipe blog, among other things... photos, rants (I has them!) sarcasm for the sake of sarcasm, my occasional song parody, etc.
Oh and in good news: I am getting out of Dodge! I have a lovely little place of my own, now to find some basic furniture, quilts, shelving, etc for a cute little garden apartment (as in I have one, going to see what I can grow there.) I did however have a moment where I was tempted to ask "Isn't 'garden apartment a polite euphemism for "You technically live in the basement'?" But this is a high-class place, and I got lucky, having put in my name for it 2 weeks ago and hearing about on Thursday out of the blue. Yay me! Pics later.
Anyway, because I'm feeling chilly, and nothing cheers me up more than chicken soup (even in summer) I'm posting my crockpot chicken soup. Unfortunately the picture I took at Christmas, although the cookies Miss Kat helped share exist as a pic... I made them the same day, along with a loaf of Bob's Red Mill GF "Wonderful Bread"- I go all out for holidays-
If I ever post a recipe that's in my "Am trying" file, and have not vetted it myself, and there won't be many- I will make note of it. The pic of the chicken soup will not be mine, the plate of cookies will. And yes, the pink Charlie Brown tree is coming with me. (As seen in the cookie pic)
Crockpot Chicken and Rice Soup
You will need:
1 package of chicken breasts. I find two to three of the large ones work well. Preferably boneless.
2 boxes of Progresso chicken broth. Trust me on this.
1 clove of minced garlic. Shred a bulb. Easy. 

1 bag baby carrots
2 chopped celery stalks
one whole onion, chopped.
Seasonings to taste. I prefer a dash or two of pepper, some parsley and basil and about a teaspoon or so of sea salt. You want to taste the chicken, etc...not just the spices/salt!
1) Chop vegetables & onion. With baby carrots, leave them be.

2)Thaw chicken.
Place all in crock pot. Fill half way with broth.
My thanks to Internet Marketing Pakistan
Set Medium-High and cook approximately 8 hours (After about 4, it will smell just loverly.)
Remove chicken with tongs. Snip into bite sized pieces.
You can add noodles (I like Tinkyada rigatoni, and other assorted shapes when I make pasta.), brown or white rice to mixture about now. This will make for a thicker soup.
And because I borrowed the photo, here is the site I got the pic from. Suggestions on "Getting a sick day". Take notes, those of you whose tombstones will read "I told you I was sick..."!
God bless, and I'll see you on the flip side. 


  1. cannot find cookie pic. Will keep searching. Found Mom's blueberry pie, though, but still have to tweak it.

  2. cannot find cookie pic. Will keep searching. Found Mom's blueberry pie, though, but still have to tweak it.

  3. Cure all!!
    Good news about the new place!!