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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Be Honest and Faithful.

I am reading a very sad article... man cheats and gets hot grease poured over his genitals. Now, what the burns on my back taught me was "Get away!" What his little foray into the Land Of Pain may teach him this:
1)Always understand what you're getting with. Was she a little nutty BEFORE she poured hot grease down your drawers? Chances are, yes. If there are signs that someone is off balance, don't cheat! (As someone whose been cheated ON, this is hard for me, but I don't like violence.) Get out. Have restraining orders if they're unbalanced enough, and stick close to family.

2)George Carlin said it best when he attempted to condense the 10 Commandments: Be Honest and Faithful. Especially Unto The Provider of Thy Nooky.
3)Cotton gauze and ice packs were a Godsend. Yeah, I still occasionally have to explain, and still am a bit sensitive to the touch or heat, but your nether regions will likely thank you, too!

4)It is not right to give pain and violence for pain and violence. Cheating is also wrong. On both levels...revenge cheating ain't gonna help, either. Do not return evil for evil. 
5)When someone cheats, it can feel like the end of the world. But Wake up! Life gets better, provided you get up off yo' ass and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
6)Respect yourself. Does hurting yourself by disgracing yourself and hurting another make you feel good? No! The rush is over too fast and in the end, you hurt worse. Don't get addicted to giving pain.

In conclusion: Seriously, everyone: Be honest and faithful. Don't return evil for evil. Don't smile and take it either. You are a human being, not a decorative area rug. Love yourself and respect yourself more than the fleeting idea of "I'll get him/her!"
If a relationship sucks that badly, LEAVE! Only attack if you are going to die if you don't.
Thank you. Goodnight, Gracie.

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