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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dancing With the Fairies

Cicadas chirping in the trees above, loud and croaking against the still blue sky
Bare feet in mud squishing merrily
Sweat damp hair barely held back by elastic and pins

Dance with me, little fairies in gossamer
Flit merrily tree-to-tree
And rest on a branch, eating candy, your mouths like mine, sticky from the sugar

Travelling home as it gets dark,
a cooler air blowing across sweaty skin, hair dried and blowing in the breeze
Do little eyes gaze from the shelter of the branches?
Do little hands come up to wish me fond farewell?

And back to the world,
The only mark, dried cracked mud on my bare feet
That squished so merrily in puddles
My sandals safe and in my hand,
A dying brightly colored flower in the other

Home to dream of fairies in a rainbow's hues of gossamer
Whose tiny feet never touched the ground
Home to dream of squishing through the mud and the cool grass
What's this?
A ring of little posies around my head, entwined in sweat-tangled hair.
And on the porch, I raise my hand and wish a goodnight, 'til we meet again.

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