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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dubious Honors

I follow and enjoy the Swedish government account---brings back memories of 1999's trip, and hope to get back. I got to see a tube of caviar paste again, a rather dubious treat that makes you grossed out when you first think about it: Fish eggs...in what looks like a toothpaste tube, smeared on Wasa wafers (crispbread, or large crackers... I miss these wheaty delights, but have found a gluten-free version I enjoy caviar-free) and enjoyed with the hair-straightening Swedish coffee.

After spending some time retweeting a link to a large list of Swedish metal (trust me... it's well worth it.) I found something weird happening.

Read bottom up. Google has taken to automatically translating me into English. While I joke that I speak "Bethglish" and am writing a dictionary as I go, this makes me laugh.

I, humble me, am apparently getting my own language entry in Google Translate. Oh! Such an honor! You like me, you really like me! The CORRECT way the top tweet was supposed to read, and English- reading friends won't notice or may get confused is this:."When you've been reading SWEDISH and go back to English." Showing your bias, Google?  Oh, Google. Tsk, Tsk.


  1. ....but what does Caviar taste like?

    I'm forever jealous of all who've just up and journeyed to Europe...it's like those people have no fear of ....boats or airplanes :/

  2. I learned to chew gum, (ear popping) that KLM serves strong, STRONG coffee and tea in real china, beware of their blankets, etc, but understand that for 24 hour flights, being squeamish will do nothing for you. It's uncomfortable taking off and landing, but it's not really bad. Just remember this: If it's brown it's meat. If it's white, it's sweet. Otherwise, leave it alone! ;-) Also, I hear that the alcohol is not bad, but zenning out with a set of YOUR own headphones (eww to theirs) and thinking "calm" help a lot.