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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Whiteboard Blog

I have conductive loss starting at 18 months. It will worsen with age, hoping to slow it down. It all started with a reaction to an MMR vaccine, and a high fever.

Evernote and Skitch come in handy... loud places, letting go of frustration, etc... highly recommended in the hearing loss community. (Don't know what to call it, I'm not up to date on the gang signs of late.)

Yes, I draw like a 3rd grader on speed. And this makes my handwriting look odd, stylus or not. But so be it.

I try to be patient. But I have succumbed to temptation. 


  1. Some years back someone told me that I was Vertically Challenged. I looked at her with no clue what she was talking about. She was only half-joking when she told me that meant short. I'm not VC - I'm short! Currently I also have an extra 5 pounds of EBM I'd like to lose - Extra Body Mass. Or in my mind - fat! I also have LDVI which of COURSE as everyone knows is Long Distance Visual Impairment = I can't see distant objects worth a damn without my glasses. Personally I would say that you have RHA. Reduced Hearing Acuity of course. Hang in there Bethy-Doll!

  2. Thank you. Still confused... it's a nutty world... but I figure smiling and keeping on is the best way to do it.