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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Ash Wednesday Fire

Sometimes, fear is a lifesaver.
Now, I don't usually argue intelligent design---look at some of the people I've met! But... if a well coordinated Swiss quartz has a master clockmaker, then so too must the universe have someone in control.

In fear, the pupils dilate, the legs suddenly work, there's an analgesic effect, the senses can be heightened. At times this is a bad, bad thing.

I haven't necessarily been hungry lately... headaches and needing a root canal keep me either appetite-less or looking for soft food. But I had a sudden burst of hunger (Sometimes, your body tells you when it needs strength, and I have to fight)... being tired, I did all the prep, and flicked on the burner... unfortunately, it was the wrong one, and a cooking utensil was in the way... a small fire was put out nearly immediately. But fear because I didn't hear alarms going (everyone else did though.. oh dear, I live among a lot of older people, I'm sure after the incident 10 years ago, when a sweet man (who, bless him, was never very present.) left a candle burning while he was at work and lost his kitchen (Our building is 41 years old... but my neighbor above me has a 10 year old kitchen.)

Aside from plastic utensils, my pride, and some burns with blisters, one which I've cleaned as well as I can but can't quite get some charring out of, and the pain of having panicked (I'm now feeling the effect of panic... gotta be careful with pain meds, believe me!) and from having been out in the cold with a pre-existing illness with fever, I'm ok. I mostly scared myself.

And, really, what is more appropriate than a fire on Ash Wednesday?

I also thank the friend who took panicky, recovering me out. Not only was the grilled chicken lovely, but so was the marvelous, short, simple conversation. And the crazy snow is in melt stage now. I should soon be free of any evidence of this.

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