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Friday, February 24, 2012

Not WHAT Are You, WHO are You? Can You Ever Know?

There's a time where I go into extremely internal, introspective moods. Well, that time has come. Welcome to the Annual Where Am I? Moment. Enjoy! Refreshments after.

The What _______ Thinks I Do meme is a bit played out. So I'm of course, doing it again.

What My Friends Think I Do:

1)Capitalize on being a freak of nature--- in so many ways

2) Run about like some weird little princess tree hugger.

What my mother thinks I am:

Apparently, her baby.

3) What Society thinks I am: Playing banjo duets?

4) What I Think I Am: I'll borrow from the Flinstone Vitamin commercials. 10 million strong...and growing.

5) What I Really Am: Constantly growing, evolving, learning. Sorting me out. To life, to health, to love.  Skål!

In the end, I'll simply work on me and what I need to do... focus on what's important.
And let go of what I don't need.

The result of playing with sepias and thresholds, etc. Yes, I am very white.

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