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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cuttlefish, Beauty From Mistakes, And... Surprise!

the sepia filter made it misty. I then used Picnick for the star overlay. Use it before it closes in April!
"cinnamon" on color. Yes, that's a smile. :)

I've been playing with sepias lately... I still want to try a hand with a manual camera (Lomo LCA 100... mostly because I love how a camera meant to mimic an expensive brand in an impoverished Soviet regime ended up with unintended results. Now, with a little cross processing...using chemicals not intended for that type of film, can create...something like this: Pics by Maco Sky-Walker)

But sepia, a really cool design... and with some filters, you can still let in natural color. I want a somewhat Wizard of Oz-ish look (anything from where Dorothy is home in Kansas)---David O. Selznic used a pantyhose over a light, to magnificent effect. I think over a lens, I can work it. (Also considering the fishnet stocking bit for shadow.) I like a "cinnamon" effect that tints without destroying undertones.
Sepia's history is kind of cool. Cuttlefish emit an ink that was used on photo positives to tint them that golden-orange-pink-peach-brown color. Thank a lovely squirting fish! But modern filters are just too damn orange!

But, using the party dress I bought for an event (Good price too, from a lovely shop called the Clothes Horse near me!) I decided to, as I promised a sweet neighbor kid, "Show my princess dress".) So, with my favorite accessory, and good luck charm, made from 100% authentic Himalayan wool, I worked out a few shots. It fit when I bought it. Now it's hanging, too long, needs a tailor. But hope to use it again.

No make up, hair in flat pins and loose braid and left to dangle. I use John Freida anti frizz serum and a detangling brush, and clarifying shampoo and conditioners, with a deep condition weekly. Curls by: Genetics and a simple wash, condition and dry. It's in defining them that I'd do the most work. Nice of them to behave! :)


  1. Do you have a darkroom and everything to develop your own film?  It is something I have always wanted to try, but I do not have a suitable room where no light can enter.  I have 17 rolls of undeveloped film that I could practice on....  LOL

  2. Not yet... willing to take classes and find a place that will let me play in a dark room. I've been interested in it for years... but digital photography came into the fray. But I like the older stuff! :)