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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

New opportunities have arisen. Now adding to my teaching gig, I've added features writer, designer, and brand manager at Epiphanies Magazine to my bag. Because of a death in the family, and because I don't want to make myself sick and screw up four months without a tonic clonic seizure- or make my smaller staring spells, which I'm trying to correct, worse, I'm attempting to take it easy, ask for help when I need it. I've managed to learn HTML coding, studied up on RSS on the train to visit friends, (I'm thinking I'm meant to write a travalogue, but I'm still recouping... travel is never never a good time to learn about a death, sudden or not.) and did off-season Latin homework for my courses, in which I cannot converse vebally, unless I'm asking a question, accidentally slipping into it, doing a translation, or catching bits of Spanish or Italian (I did manage to translate a short conversation from a British show that sounded more like, "How long can we keep this up?" "Well, with my liberal arts degree...") but hold a solid 96% in class work. I'm ensuring that I celebrate the good, too. And look forward to more of it.

As brand manager, I know getting the design as simple and memorable as possible is the best way. I had one particular design I liked, but it ended up being too much blank space, so I took the basics and simplified, after asking select people to take a look for me.

I also tried my hand at an app for Epiphanies' social media presence, and learned how to build the basic template for those. Thankfully, Como did the QR code, although that should be a cinch to learn.
Below: A QR code for the Epiphanies app, a lazy 2 hours in the making. Compared with learning Wordpress, HTML, attempting RSS, and some odd dreams from this endeavor, this was a lazy chunk of time!
I will be looking around and improving as time goes on, and am grateful for the responsibility.

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