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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Memoirs from Tralfamadore

When I was a child, if you'd asked me what I thought heaven was like, I would have given you a description of people living in small glass apartments with 1950s and 60s appliances- avocado and sunburst, I think they're coming back! With radios and a rabbit -ear television. Heaven supports the aluminium industry.
 There were lush plants too... but I was limited in speech and everyone kept staring at me.

I realized what I was describing, other than the sex and the aliens, unless somehow, we're really the aliens- and sometimes, I wouldn't fight you on that- when I first read Slaughterhouse 5 and got to Billy Pilgrim's adventures on Tralfamadore.

So, at 4, I was either psychic and describing a book I hadn't yet read, psychic and describing neo- 60s minimalist decor,  or... I've been to Tralfamadore. Or... I'm just a colorful dreamer.


  1. Let's see if you're psychic, what am I thinking right now?

    1. Is my turban on straight? I'm dozing off. *Holds index card to forehead*- "What a dork".