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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Dream Team Tea Party

A question like, "If you could have X number of people to dinner, living or dead, who would they be?" sometimes goes around.
My follow up questions are as follows:
1)If your guests include Gandhi and Jesus, along with a polarizing figure like Joseph Stalin, I'd think that your menu choices would be limited and one of the four, (Because you're hosting) would be slightly peeved and probably not add much to the "epic" chatter you'd like to have. Sadly--- because that really would be epic.
2)Do they actually have to be people?

But, the classic "Dinner Party" set up by Judy Chicago got me thinking.(I'm sure Judy Chicago agonized over which historical figures to add...and she blended together quite a mix, of saints and villains.). The feminist angle is not what I'm looking at, (although it does permeate, and is, kind of the point.)  but I would relish hearing the Empress Livia ask Queen Elizabeth I to pass the salt or what she thinks about the poet Homer.

I've been building a dream team to invite to tea... it gives me something to do when my brain does its' nightly overthinking. (Usually at three AM, having woken me up to tell me all about it.)
So far, I'm stuck, having given myself an unlimited list.

My dream team tea party is as follows:
1)Stephen Fry (Who can keep the bon mots flying, and discuss his numerous trips to Africa, among other places, with wit and charm.)
2)The Empress Livia herself (Fascinating, even if she wasn't the cold, calculating murderess/ sarcastic bitch portrayed on I, Claudius. She was, at the very least, stubborn, strong, and a survivor. Magnificence.
3)Si├ón Phillips, in or out of stolla. An utterly fascinating actress and woman of her own right, whose depiction of Livia helped foster the "Magnificent Bitch" stereotype we have of her.
4)Cthulhu- because... Awesome, that's why. 
5)Really awesome biker couple that must have epic tales to go with their tats and Rockabilly looks. 

And they already look like they're dressed for it.


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