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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Free Radicals

Tradition: What is tradition? Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent behavior had me searching myself. I do this a lot, but I had to see where I stood.

Traditions are people gathered to celebrate and honor a shared cause or another person/deity. They decide, "That was great! Let's do that again!" And it grows. Or, a belief or behavior passed down with symbolic meaning or special significance.

What is not tradition?
HATE. Hate is not a tradition. For years, for generations, those seeking to belittle have chosen tradition, "This is how it always was, don't wreck it" to do so. And have used God, money, family, the status quo to do so. They have used guilt.

And forever and ever, "radicals" have come out and said "No. That is not ok." Some have died because they dared go against what "always was". And while people were resistant, they changed. Sometimes, slowly, sometimes more quickly than you think and traditions became half buried, funny little rituals that made more modern people say, "Gosh, our great-great-great-to-infinity-grandparents were silly!" Or, "What the hell, Granddad?!"

It shames me that I agree with Governor Cuomo on 1/3 of his stances this week. No, Meatloaf, that is bad. Hold onto your hats, kids.

A: If you love someone, gender doesn't matter, and everyone should be able to love without fear of government intrusion, losing benefits, or being unable to see each other if one part of the couple is hospitalized. They should be able to inherit, adopt. Gender doesn't matter.

B:Abortion, if done for any reason other than rape (ALL rape. No rape is fake, it all damages. And there is no shutdown valve.) or incest, health of infant or mother, is wrong. I do not approve of any proceedure beyond 20 weeks. I believe that no matter what, you support the mother and do not judge her decisions. Belief is one thing, being a judgmental asshole is quite another.

C:The Right to Bear Arms. You have a right, a duty, to protect yourself. You have a right, regardless of a piece of faded parchment, to arm yourself responsibly.

2 out of 3 ain't bad, eh, Meatloaf?

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