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Monday, August 17, 2015

What's the Dealio?

Late research has shown that music can help lessen the severity of seizures. Woot! Is it a particular type? Like, should I make an entire list of classical pieces (Pieces, mind, not songs, because heaven forfend that one should call music by such plebeian terms.) Well, pick your poison. Which puts you into a fighty mood and gets you moving? Which calms you? We have: Exhibit A: A classic "PIECE" as brought to you by PBS, your fourth grade music teacher, Camille Saint-Säens, and Disney's Fantasia:
 Exhibit B: Autobots, rock out! Classic metal. There's a theme here.

 For me, it's both. (My musical flavors are quite a mixture!)
 And exercise can help with episodes. Please try to ensure hydration and at least 3 good meals. Protein and fats do my body good. Lots of protein. Be careful of carbs, but you'll need to ensure all is balanced. I try to get 43 grams of protein daily. I also tend to survive on hummus mixed into a lot of foods, not just with my beloved cucumbers. Start slow. More on this as it develops. What else helps me? I keep a set of these: the sound is fantastic and the ear thingies are adjustable. Only $15 and well worth every penny. Note on link: I got mine on sale at Office Max.

Skull Candy Ink'd 2 Earbuds 

If traveling, eat well, drink up. Don't be afraid to bother the airline and ask about policies. Reserve a wheel chair just in case, even if you never use it. Be cautious, be gentle with yourself, but it needn't be more of a chore to travel for you than it is for anyone else. Half the fun is getting there, they say (God, I hope not!) Ask about policies, what emergency medications are available, about training. Fill out a card for the TSA, wear medical alert jewelry. I have a heart charm bracelet and a wallet card. They will likely look for, and let you keep on a medical alert bracelet, over a necklace.

Now, dating? That's another tale, but you shouldn't have to be different from most. Yup, you'll be carting around serious meds, and no grapefruit breakfasts for you! (No Earl Grey tea, either, which kind of sucked.) Some people won't get it. Some will. Keep going. My thanks to those who've seen me go down and still are there for me. And who cheer me on... I've got a few more hurdles to go over. 

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