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Monday, June 29, 2015

Freedom and Conflicted Minds

I've always hated the phrase, "guilty pleasure". If you feel guilty, it's not all that pleasurable, is it? These are my favorite "Get off your butt and walk it off" songs for those times when I'm feeling far more cranky and cantankerous than I'd like. I'm not really a lady who snaps, "Get off my lawn!" and when I have done, it's caused more hilarity than I was happy with! I have always loved history. It's important, especially since we tend to paint over it and those whose memory should be damned,acquire a gloss that they don't deserve, while others, like Richard III, known in his own time, as a fair man who actually tried to make the law fairer, and whose courtship of his wife sounds like it should be the next great historical soap opera on the BBC- has been changed into a monster. So, anyway, imagine my delight when I realized that I could dance to it! And this pastiche of Hollaback Girl is rather catchy. While it's a lot of fun, it brings me to this- something's been bugging me for a few days, and I feel terrible for ending on a dark note. In this time of ours, where "If you are not X you are Y", "If you don't support this, you are that", and middle of the road gets you run right over, look back to the 80's, a time of promises, lies, recessions, assassination attempts, neon colors, big shoulders, and big hair. And honor your life and your freedom. Don't take it. You are a solution. It's not a zero sum game. And if you use your love of freedom to beat down others, then you are practicing what you preach against. You can change that. You are not your politics, remember. Others' choices in their beliefs are none of your business. Yours are none of theirs. But, let's end on a light note-eesh. That crap- not the rainbow flags v. confederate flags, not the Supreme Court decision- it's that... now, our government can firmly control even more peoples' private lives, if you must have my opinion- but while that is terrible, love in all forms is not. Let there be more. But don't sit there and take it. Fight. The plague on our land is more people controlling others, in holding out false freedom, and snaring people into Matrix-like traps. Quit just sitting there like a frog on a log- ribbit as loudly as you can. Use your voice. It might be all you have.

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