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Friday, May 1, 2015

Tips and Tricks : Wherein Beth Loses Her Girly Girl Card

Safety & epilepsy. "Lil' Mizz Independence" was meant to be mean, but I thanked the person. I AM stubborn, I'm an absolutely awful patient. I like doing things MY way. This could just be what 32 years has taught me. But, basic tips. Even if you're a stubborn 'un, like me, it will do you good to remember: Check bathroom lighting. Showering in the dark is very bad. I almost drowned in the shower in the LIGHT. REPLACE early and often. The Chicago Lighting System™. I like the GE Reveal® bulbs- energy saving and with blue light instead of that weird yellow. Use a microwave if you feel too sick. Don't fall asleep making rice on the stove. If you feel something coming, eat, but use the evil microwave.
We are NOT saying, "HK is evil." HK is lovely. This just doesn't capture her at her best. Courtesy Sanrio®& Hello Kitty Hell

For more tips, please see: Living Independently with Epilepsy, Epilepsy Foundation, Pennsylvania

  • Slip proof bath mats that don't easily fold up, and are easy to wash in the wash machine
  • Extra light bulbs. Always. 
  • Surround yourself with what calms you. If it works, work it. In my case, slowing down, and laying back to watch a projector turtle and/ or octopus- I call my pair Toby and Octavius, respectively, project tiny stars on the ceiling is a big help. I also have a giraffe named George that plays white noise or tiny, chirpy jungle animals for 25 minutes along with a gentle bongo drum. And I have a 32 year old stuffed skunk named Flower that gives me warm fuzzy memories. 
  • Meditation. Even if you're not going full-yogi, taking a minute to breathe can help a lot. 
  • But it's ok not to be apologetic if you're cut off. It's ok to be timid when testing the big, weird world, but you have to delve deep for your fire. Your reasons. And fight if you must. Don't be a mouse. Feel free to say that's not ok, and don't worry about breathing that away.
Remember that, among other things, stress is horrible for everyone. Don't worry about what other people say. You do what works for you. If it works, work it, baby. It's not what John, Ringo and Paul can do... Or George. It's what you're doing. You.


  1. Yes on the bath mats. Tile walls are a bitch to replace. (Don't ask).

    Funny, though. most of the falls I've had to deal with were just tripping over her own feet.

  2. Bethycutiepie13May 1, 2015 at 9:34 PM

    And blood is a pain to get out of white. I've had some interesting SRIs. I just bought a new bathmat- I wrecked the last one in an SRI involving the droppies- (mini episode, less than a minute, I think)
    I know I've got something going on when I literally can't hold onto anything and am using sippy cups for water. So... When you drop a coffee mug, don't try to clean it up when you're barefoot - wear shoes even if you hate them!
    Anyway, glass removal, one bathmat turning red, but thanks to bleach and scrubbing, my bathroom walls are sparkly! My toe looks weird now, but I learned a lesson. One I forgot to input: if you're feeling funky, use a plastic travel mug. And I need to quit calling it a sippy cup. :-)