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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Epilepsy Unveiled and Song of the Magdalene, Your Year End Recommendations

A very special post for Epilepsy Unveiled.

Epilepsy Unveiled is a site dedicated to seizures, care taking, psychosis, and brain injuries,  -and surgery- among other things. 

A brand new book as come out, with the eponymous title of Epilepsy Unveiled. 
The last chapter is a letter written by the hero, one Charley. Charley discusses, among other things, what it's like to have an aura and a seizure. Far more poetic than many.

 For example, I tend to describe them in profanity, not excluding French profanity. I like a word such as "Merde!" as it can be understood in any language! 

I recommend Epilepsy Unveiled to patients and caregivers.

The site has other helpful topics, such as choosing surgery, on making goals, postictal psychosis- a distressing time, as you've been sick, and already had to stand outside yourself, and now, for example, if someone pops bubble gum, you're inclined to slug them.

Please do check out Epilepsy Unveiled (Book, Amazon link.)

Now, if you're a fan of historical fiction, rather than partial memoir, I also recommend Song of the Magdalene.

Be blessed and joyful... here's to 2015! Na zadrowie! 
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  1. I always thought Dostoevsky hit it best regarding epilepsy. Though he never wrote a detailed description, but in nearly every novel one character suffers from it. A common theme for him because he was epileptic.

  2. Correct! :) Thanks for dropping by, oh, favorite saint! And reminding me once again of my friend Fyodor. He's been with me a lot over the past year! :)