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Friday, April 25, 2014

Backstage in Biscuit-Land

Tourette's Hero is a spectacularly funny woman and one of my favorite Super Heroes. By day, she's an adorable curly- headed lady with a tendency to tic, "Biscuit!" and what seem to be fantastic recipe and craft ideas. Jess, who suits up in blue spandex and a mask, has also given me fabulous ideas, both for rewarding myself when I go seizure free, and when I have to go back to square one: laugh about it, and make sure you reward yourself. 

Jess is a gifted, natural comedian and is trying to get her act, "Backstage at Biscuit Land" to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I know I'll have to YouTube or hope it's on Comedy Night on the CBC- and I can't wait, even if I can't be at the Fringe myself to cheer her on. 

Check out her fantastic blog, too, at Up, up, and a biscuit! It's... Tourette's Hero!

Please enjoy the video, and let's help a hero out! 

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