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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Suffocate the Lingering Nasties

Had a few (or more than a few) bad days? "Suffocate the lingering nasties" with... adorableness.


i09: "Here is a baby sloth in pajamas. You're welcome."
Video is absolutely adorable- and rather familiar to those who've tried bathing, lotioning, and or swaddling something small, cute and fuzzy.
Sadly, Sebastian the Sloth in blue didn't make it, but his twin is doing well.
II: Cute baby giraffes. About the size of a tall man, and weighing in at 150 lbs +... sweet, ungainly, and long eyelashed little darlings.

Rather a fetching look. Courtesy of National Geographic Kids-MyShot.

And finally: A doberman and a kitten play wrestle. Both win with adorableness.

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