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Friday, October 4, 2013

Ero Vester Huckleberry

I've been working on learning Latin. While a disc of Latin prayers from the Boston Catholic Journal helps with calming and I'm getting an idea of patterns- I'm aware that there's 3 types of Latin so far. Classical, or church Latin, the "Vulgar" or "conversational"form- complete with wonderfully dirty origins for "porcelain"- notice how it looks like "porcine"? And basically, the thought was: the new formed thin, delicate glass had a property not unlike the lady parts of a piggie. (Sows, obviously.) and, of course, Canus Latinus- Dog Latin, which I'm trying to avoid. Yes, I'm being snobby, but not enough that I won't go searching for "I'll be your huckleberry" in "Latin". 

The "pronunciation" as given by Google, sounds like: "Ero vay stir who cull berry"- be sure to twirl your tongue on "Berry". Such gravitas! Imagine Octavianus, the soon to be Augustus, saying this to Marcus Vispanius Agrippa. Now go and tell your dearest that you love them- and how much!

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