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Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Barbies on Dinosaurs", an Alphabet of Sorts(Move Over, McGuffy!)

Communication is an essential tool. It's also a bit of a bugbear. Let's see. I can try to sort out a lot of life's issues.

*Juggle Juggle*.

When talking to someone who has communication issues, it's imperitive to be patient. DO NOT make them shout random phrases, when shouting is an abnormal act anyway, because you don't focus.

Tip A: If you need to put something in your mouth so you aren't talking, do so. Just avoid thinking too much about the water, soda, cheeseburger, ice cream, your finger... but not so much that you choke.

Tip B: Do not assume first, ask questions later.

Tip C: It's amazing to see what might happen to a person who seems "vague" if you ask things straight out instead of, like, y'know, hinting. I might actually enjoy Barbies on dinosaurs... or... whatever.  (Fill in the blank as needed.)

Tip D: Some things aren't comfortable subjects. Does the person you're talking to, or at, twitch or look for a new subject? Take a hint, they'll discuss things in their own times, and everyone has something to deal with at given points.

Tip E: Everyone has layers. The guy with the orange mohawk built like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his early days, might be a gentle sweet guy who loves to do hair. The woman who looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, might like to suddenly smack people upside the head with a filthier sense of humor than you'd expect. Or, enjoy what I'm euphemistically calling "Barbies on Dinosaurs."  

Tip F: There's a limit to even friendly mocking, and vagueness and discomfort might creep in. Or darker humor to alleviate the awkwardness.

Tip G: If it works for you, it might not work for everyone. Don't assume, or get crotchety if they disagree.

Tip H: With all humor, know when to cut it short. Some gags are throwaway and have finite punchlines.

Tip I: Be there.  But... find things to do for yourself, and don't let that be your only focus. Pray if you do, however you do. But also, get yourself motivated and find good, sturdy projects. Good friendships don't just go away, and sometimes, patience is necessary. For them, and for you.

Tip J: Sometimes, people need quiet. They'll get back to you.

Tip K: Shared interests are great, but don't give up your own to make someone else happy. It's me... and guinea pigs in scale mail (Chain mail is interlocking links, scale mail mimics hard reptilian skin armor.), Blackadder, The Vicar of Dibley, and QI... Columbo-my TV watching is scanty... and my books, and my music. Or my sweets.  It's part of my personality. I'm not giving those, or my love of hiking, or anything else that makes me me, even the struggles I've fought and won against, for anything. Don't you do that either. Friends don't become clones of friends. 

Tip L: So nice, I'll say it twice: Friends don't let friends become clones.

Tip M: Borrowing from the Narnia films... Lucy's marvelous advice: "Just be you". You are faaabulous, dahling.

Tip N: Whatever you do, put all of you into it.

Tip O: Introduce new music or something interesting and fun, or necessary. To rock.

Tip P: This is a good way to handle negativity. Special thanks to The Bloggess.

Tip Q: Don't ever be shy to be seen tapping a foot or fist pumping to Irish rock. Tip R: Or to foot tap, fist pump, head bang, and realize there's a very good point being made, and that you can take away a lesson to hold to your own. Alphebetized or not, I didn't really have 26 points to make. Tip S: Everybody goes through a time of Funky, or a Time of Lean. Be there, but understand, they aren't gonna be like this forever, and that a shoulder and patience are the way to go. Tip T: Keep promises, or don't make them. Things will happen, but there's such a thing as honesty... and rainchecks. Tip UVWXYZ Love yourself as much as you do others. Don't let yourself get bogged down when busy.

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