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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Autumnal Equinox or, "Mountain, Move!"

Autumn is almost here. And with it, comes projects and watching for brightly colored autumn leaves. And planning.

The November Projects will be up and running, perhaps a little early. I have an Advent wreath to work up for Mom. These are pretty basic. It's meant to count off the weeks of waiting for Emmanuel. God is with us, he's on his way. Pretty, but still simple. Dark greenery, simple dark purple bows, and one large golden ribbon- and maybe a random, brightly colored object, like a little angel playing a lute. I'm also thinking of using that time to buy an adult-sized Christmas tree.

The October Projects?
The The Purple Pumpkin Project will be going. And I'm going to play a bit.
I'm going to actually do it and add a few purple highlights to my hair to match- and for advertising purposes. Pics later. (I could go with a bright, obviously fake and cheap Hot Topic wig, but I've been told about Hair Chalk and feel like playing. Subtly, but having a little fun.

I've got things to sort and things to correct. It's all well and good to be a huge softie, and I can be. There also come times to learn to say to that mountain standing in your way, "MOVE!" and see it move. May be seeing some more help from a neurosurgeon I thought I left for dead. *Fingers crossed*. But for the most part, it's correcting the iffy stuff. And preventing my yearly flare up with my kidneys. The piss poor (Pun not intended, but being left in anyway)  appetite signaling that it's time to fight has begun. Must change that, I have recipes to play with and promises to keep. Not liking Wegmans cannot keep me from doing that... or my health. A need to wander, that's always with me, and I'm going to obey it.

And hell, I'm going to kick ass. If I can't say something, I will show it!

I say to you, Mountain, that you will move!

Downswing of ASL "No". 

*Also, I've got mayhem to wreak.

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