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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I've Noticed Something...

Loud, aggressive people have a habit of frightening me. People have always talked over me, and told me, "Sorry, you're just kind of mousy, and we had no idea". Or they ask me what's wrong when, if I'm honest, I have no idea, I've just decided to focus for a while so I can quickly answer if they take a breath while asking me questions.  (People, I'M the one who needs a phone, on speaker, pressed to my head---soooo...Hey! Can you hear me NOW?!) I love my family, but occasionally dread meetings with them, particularly if I know there will be massive background noise.
And each and every time, I get myself into a frenzy of dread, becoming a complete pain in my own rearend. And then... it happens... the headaches first, then... I manage the horrid GLUTENING.
Because of this past accidental glutening, which I blame on either salad dressing with malt flavoring or cross contamination with three regular pasta dishes...although the place I went to DID get high marks for help, knowledge and willingness to learn the GF lifestyle, there is still a chance for anything to go wrong. Because it always happens when I've stressed myself out, I want to know if it's just a coincidence. I swear, it has to be.

Still, other than a night with the shakes, sweats, and pouring Gatorade back down my throat, I did---no sarcasm- enjoy myself. Will have to do an elimination test... first things first...no salad. (Although, when I automatically began "no croutons" please, the waitress grinned and finished my sentence.) If I handle the next round without a spell ending in dehydration I might be able to offer a better review than "Great prices. Nice friendly atmosphere."


  1. Gawd, I hear how you and Jenn suffer from those gluten allergies, I am so glad i don't have to deal with that.

  2. Right now, I've handled dry toast and tea nicely--- and am running out of clean blankets, but feeling a lot better. May eventually sleep in a bed rather than the bathroom floor. To be honest, though, this diagnosis was a blessing... I avoided bladder surgery after leaving gluten behind, so this is kind of irritating to me. I've been dozing all day, so may now be up a while.

  3. btw, isn't Disqus awesome? I just put this in Sharon's and my sites.

    ewwwww gall bladder... the Missus had hers removed. She was in agony from anything with seeds in it.

  4. I do love Disqus :)

    No, the other bladder--- it was looking rough for a while! I'm still figuring out what I can eat, I suppose it'll always be a work in progress. I'll figure this out!