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Saturday, September 3, 2011

If You Look For The Bad In Mankind, You're Sure To Find It...

There are those things that I hold dear... and then there are those little itty bitty things that irk me.

Things I can't stand:
1) People who act like Mrs. Kravitz. She was adorable and often got her comeuppance on Bewitched, but she is nothing short of annoying in life.
2)Slamming doors. Really? No one ever taught people to avoid that bloody echoing sound that goes through when people feel they absolutely must try to rip the door off its' hinges at all costs?
3)People who toss their trash where ever they please... (This comes from someone who tends to have at least one room in the house that looks like it has been struck by an awful windstorm but is actually organized in a way)--- if there is a dumpster or a place to deposit your cigarette butt in plain sight, USE IT! Why should we be greeted by your popsicle wrappers, or your stomped on butts? If you can put it your mouth, you can touch it long enough to toss it and then wash your hands
4)People who just leave a bathroom after using it, generally, as casually as you please. Wash your damn hands. And use Purell after touching the knob on a public restroom door. It's not rocket science!
5)People who act like they fart little daisies. You, like everyone else, is imperfect, get your nose out of the air.
6)Grown ups who throw tanties and hit others to make a point
7)People who get mad if they've attempted a conversation from behind and you've "ignored" them. Really, tap my arm, if you know me, reorient me to face you. I do not hear from behind...which means, for example, at night, I rely on the feeling beneath my feet or car headlights to know to dodge. See, I have moderate conductive loss... and the ability to pick up the vibrations at the back of my ears is gone. (To explain this: Sound travels via air, and also via vibrations to the bone behind the ear. I don't pick up the last well. But if you feel you absolutely must discuss world affairs with the back of my pony-tail, who am I to tell you no?
8)People who must be right even when wrong--- guess what...you...can...be...WRONG! And if you don't like being disagreed with, well, it happens. Check all facts and be willing to learn.

Ah, and now, a few of my favorite things
1)My family and friends---& the little family that kind of just came together over the years, full of wackos and assorted silly people. Love you all. From the heart of my bottom.
2)Sunsets... I love to watch the sun sink from the sky, in all its' glorious color
3)Rainbows- not often seen naturally, and so gorgeous when you can!
4)The sea... that beautiful, icy cold, salty sea. It's home to me
5)FOOD! It's not easy, but I love shaking things up a bit there. And it helps me learn.
6)Books--- if I find a book I don't like, it's a particularly sad experience for me.
7)Movies---Mostly the old classics!
8)Animals... I adore them. You see, I do think they really ARE nicer than people. Granted, I'm not naive enough to try to hug a grizzly bear
9)The sweet and simple things, whether it be a good hike or playing in the snow.

 you know something? In spite of the intolerant, nasty people in the world, I know they're rare. (They only seem to be a multitude)... And if you are looking for the good, you're sure to find it.


  1. It always makes me stop and think for a minute, whenever I encounter someone who I know to be intelligent who is also an optimist... Makes me wonder WTF's  wrong with me, lol. But even us realists have our optimistic moments . Good post!

  2. I have these extremely realistic moments, but then I like to look for what's good... I think it's why I enjoy nature so much, there is really more than enough realism