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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Of Codes,Corgettes, Rhutebaga, and Hodor: Safe Words

During seizures of either variety, the focal partial seizures in which, my goodness, communication might be possible, varying from "I'm thirsty" to "Get away from me!" and what appears to be a homage to the Exorcist... I can get really sweary and weird indeed!- but will be more unclear than usual and apologizing like the dickens...
and tonic- clonics, which I am thrilled to say I neither miss fondly or unfondly, but have been a stranger to for quite a while. Knock on wood!

I made a deal to wear a Medic-Alert bracelet and maintain updated information to maintain freedom. Especially important as I'd like New York to see the back of me very soon.

I also decided, after some time in which episodes had me trying to communicate, but unable to, that I needed safe words.
Not that kind of safe word. That's a mystery to all but I, the pertinent party, and maybe a coffee pot, which isn't talking.

Corgette: The British word, from the French, for the green vegetable known to us by the Italian, zucchini. The image in my head now, tired, a little weaker, and having to go slow- but communing, in Franciscan terms, with Brother Snowflake and Sister Slush, is of a gift to ones' prom date, a shiny, waxy green vegetable tied demurely to a wrist or pinned onto cleavage. Corgette as code, means:
"Help! Ambulance! No police."

An intrinsically funny word to me, and one I wouldn't normally use outside of this context. "I am sick, but stable. I need help with food/ fill in need here." This one is difficult because pride tends to get in my way and I hope to change that. 

Hodor. Hodor, Hodor, Hodor. Hodor. Hodor!!! Ahem. From Game of Thrones, a large, mostly mute man who can utter only his own name to express a variety of emotions.
"Hodor" would be texted, if I am unable to speak and need help (meaning a phone call would be silly and I need someone to check me and perhaps talk to medical personnel when I cannot. Or reassure family.)
 The rest would be done in person; iPhones have an emergency button on the number pad for the lock code, and a medical ID app, which will be linked to if one presses "Emergency".
"I am unable to speak. I am sick and need help." 

*I might be over complicating, so I am considering running tests of the system. With disclaimer:
"This is a test of the Corgette, Rhutebaga and Hodor System. This is only a test. If this were an actual emergency..." With a link to that nice loud annoying noise people adore on a given Friday sitting around watching whatever they're watching.

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