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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Purple Day, or, Save the Brains!

You might see some purple banners unfurled, ribbons dusted off. Why? Isn't Epilepsy Awareness Month November? Yes.

Why am I once again playing with purple? 
-1) because I have a lot to celebrate! As of last Friday, I'm 42 days free of tonic-clonics. Because I have goals to reach and it's TIME to get better! 

-2)Because there's so much emphasis on saving the boobs, which ARE, fantastic, but for all the special edition hoodies,coffee pots, panties and Smith&Westons, there is still no mentions made of the males also affected by breast cancer. Do I think epilepsy awareness needs to follow with expensive coffee pots and stand mixers? No. While breast cancer is "sexy", with "Feel your boobs! , "Save the Boobies!"- epilepsy takes a back seat. A 2010 article on funding for research proves saving the Brain nets researchers less than minimum wage per day, most of it going towards medications, which don't work for 20% of the population. This is a huge deficit. 

-3)Because there's still stigma, there's STILL sweeping things under rugs, discomfort, and myths to dispel. And until the day comes where I can buy a limited edition epilepsy awareness dildo, or a hoodie at Sears that says, "Save the Braaaaaaaaiiiiiiins", I'm fighting for my brains and my boobies.


  1. We need a throwback to the 60's make of night of the living dead. Braaaaaains