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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad Sentence Starters, And a Little More

"Everybody does..." is probably the worst sentence starter outside of, "My aunt's poodle was on phenobarbitol..." a sentence that had me making an effort, I'm pretty sure to vent my displeasure at being compared to a bad mannered perm with feet, to scratch my ear with one foot. "Go on..."

There is a lot in this great and terrible, twisted and beautiful, dark and wonderful world to confound us and more, daily. Are we really needing to live our lives by "if they're quiet, they're strange, if they don't like what we like, they must be made to feel bad!" How's this? Be happy. Do What you do best. Don't worry if Martha Peckerhead can feel confident without a ponitail and you can't. You have talents, so use them.

Please, I must beg: I don't know where this new habit of: the person next to me wishes to be quiet, I must grab and cajole them, and snap at them comes from. Please, knock it off. I will avoid your company more if you grab me or scream at me, even if you don't think you did. There's no call at all to suddenly, for example, ask a 30 year old in loud terms, "Why wasn't Ronald Reagan in the military?" and many might give you a blank look. Just be grateful my former mother in law thought he was God Incarnate. Also? um... this has disturbed me, more so because it was sudden: What kind of an asshole SUDDENLY screams at a person because they use a Rosary? News flash: Screaming scares and scars. And um, if I "hide" and get anxious, THIS is why. Politics and sudden screaming do not help me, knock it off!

This Holy Week, I turn to what is important. And I also thank the people who do try to understand me. They are gold.

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